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Christmas Dinner Giveaway - Global Peace

 During my time at GCE I have gained a better understanding of the privilege I hold in today's society, and also how to use that privilege to stand up for others when I see injustices. 

This project is for my Global Peace class. This class is structured around Gandhi and his peaceful protest philosophies. The project is to come up with a plan that will address an issue in my neighborhood, Woodlawn. This plan will be a way that peacefully protests against the issue. The issue that I am going to address is food deserts. My neighborhood was known as a food desert for almost 50 years until there was a Jewel-Osco built about 2 years ago. My plan is to provide Christmas dinner meals for the people in this community who are unable to afford or have the time to cook these meals. I partnered with Exquisite catering to cook the meals. Exquisite catering is a black owned business that is run by Chef Tiffany Williams. (Click here to visit her website)

I am happy for the opportunity to help out in my neighborhood. With this project I want to treat these families with respect. I don't want them to feel like this is a charity but rather a night off from providing dinner.


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